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[Vérification]What’s the difference between the ongoing anti-government protests in Iran?

Unprecedented anti-government protests continue in Iran.

Masa Amini, 22, died after being arrested by the moral police in September for breaking a law requiring women to cover their hair.

Videos circulating on social media show young people, mostly women, participating in protests.

These demonstrators are often beaten by the police. Deaths are also reported.

The Iranian government accused the protesters of being dangerous and accused the United States and Israel of causing unrest.

BBC reporter Rana Rahimpur explains the series of protests while reviewing videos and other sources.

Research: BBC Persian, BBC Monitoring

Video production: Olivia Race-Evans, Soraya Auer

Additional Coverage: Teranev Stone, Shayan Sardarizadev, Daniel Palumbo

Data Analysis: Sarah Hubbertson

Graphic design: Jacqueline GalviHmm

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