Hybrid rocket fueled by plastic waste launched in Japan

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Noshiro, Akita Prefecture, Oct. 8 (Jiji Press)–A team of researchers from Kanagawa University launched a hybrid rocket from the northeast coast of Japan on Saturday that used plastic waste as fuel, making a step forward towards a sustainable development space.

A hybrid rocket is touted for its low cost and safety advantages. It is powered by liquid fuels such as nitrous oxide and is free from danger of explosion or hazardous gas emissions.

The team’s rocket introduced plastic model waste from Japan’s “Gundam” series of amines as part of the fuels, in cooperation with Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., the manufacturer of the plastic models.

Plastic waste has been recycled into rocket fuel using processing technology from Shinshu University in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan.

The rocket took off from the coast of Noshiro, Akita Prefecture.

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