Kaito Takahashi with “Advent of Boyfriend!』, King & Prince’s Theme Song Ban Special Schedule Broadcast Decision / October 8, 2022-Drama-News

The drama “Boyfriend Advent!” with King & Prince’s Kaito Takahashi will debut on October 15. (TV Asahi / Every Saturday at 11:00 p.m.) A special PR video featuring King & Prince’s theme song “Color” will be released on TV Asahi’s official YouTube and Johnny’s official YouTube “Johnny’s official”. Additionally, starting at 28:00 on October 8, TV Asahi decided to air a special “’Boyfriend Advent!’ Shortly Kyun Advent SP!”

[Vidéo]Drama “Boyfriend Advent!” ]× Theme song, special King & Prince public relations video “Irodori”

This work depicts a love story between Asahi, a mysterious young man with amnesia played by Takahashi, and two 35-year-old women stuck at a turning point in their lives played by Yuki Sakurai and Minami Tanaka, and three men and women with a age difference of 12 years A romantic comedy in triangle.

This time, the sound source for King & Prince’s theme song “Irodori” is “Boyfriend Kourin!” was first released on TV Asahi’s Official YouTube and Johnny’s Official YouTube “Johnny’s Official”. The PR video is full of scenes that will be unveiled for the first time. By listening to “Irodori”, you can fully enjoy the worldview of the drama with a head start.

Additionally, before the drama begins to air, a special “’Boyfriend Advent!’ Soon Kyun Advent SP!” will be broadcast. Asahi (Takahashi), 23, who “doesn’t know who he is”, and Kashiko Chatani (Sakurai) and Wataru Sato (Tanaka), 35, who “couldn’t be anyone”, are three men and women with an age difference of 12 years. A lot of precious videos, such as the first public video full of thrilling scenes and the casting performance showing their real faces, will be released.

Additionally, Takahashi, Sakurai, and Tanaka will have a special 3-shot interview featuring behind-the-scenes footage and love talk, as well as Seiya Suezawa (Ae!/Kansai Johnny’s Jr. group) who plays Kashiko Kensuke’s colleague Kurose, , An interview with Ken Miyake, who plays Kaname Enokida, Wataru’s lover, will also air for the first time. In addition, Takahashi’s landscape facing the recording of King & Prince’s theme song “Irodari” will be specially released, and all King & Prince members will also provide supporting comments for Takahashi.

Oshidora Saturday “Boyfriend Advent! will air every Saturday at 11:00 p.m. on TV Asahi starting October 15 (1 a.m. SP for the first time). The special “Boyfriend Advent! Soon Kyun Advent SP!!” will air on TV Asahi on October 8 at 28:00 (after the airing, it will air on TVer, GYAO!, TV Asahi Video, etc.).

Drama “Boyfriend Advent! ]× Theme Song, King & Prince Special PR Video “Irodori”

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