Kanjani Eight Ryuhei Maruyama, referring to member’s drama program “Akun’s guy went to see” -Model press

  1. Kanjani Eight Ryuhei Maruyama Mentions Members’ Plans To Go To The Theater “Yasukun Guy Went To See” model release
  2. Ryuhei Maruyama expresses the multifaceted nature of human beings, opening ‘Akahori-style Pikaless Chroman’ ‘Paradise’ (performance/interview report/stage photos included)step natalie
  3. Kanjani’s Ryuhei Maruyama Yells at the Sudden Cold “Old Wounds Hurt” Enthusiasm to Complete Stage “Welcoming Customers in Perfect Condition”MEET
  4. Kanjani Eight Ryuhei Maruyama gets acclaim from Mr. Masaaki Akahori, who is “very nice as an actor” for starring in a magazine model release
  5. Ryuhei Maruyama, “Exciting” Stage Production “I Want to Talk All Night” Ahead of Tokyo’s First Day of “Paradise” Featured StageORICO NEWS
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