Kanjani Eight Shodai Yasuda Reveals Exchanges With Ryuhei Maruyama, Who Appears On Stage With “Is It Any Relationship Value Who Has Been Friends For Over 20 Years?”-Model Press

  1. Kanjani Eight Shota Yasuda reveals exchanges with Ryuhei Maruyama, who appears on stage as the main character “Is it a relationship value that has been friends for more than 20 years?”model release
  2. Kanjani Eight Shodai Yasuda Smiles At Ryuhei Maruyama’s Unique Impression “Relationship Of Friends For Over 20 Years”ORICO NEWS
  3. Production and screenplay “Shinko Banashi” by Kanjani Eight Shodai Yasuda, referring to the latest “Showa Trilogy” with Mitsunori Fukuhara “It depends on how you receive it”model release
  4. [Hana Kuroki x Hitoshi Katagiri]The depth of the chest of Shodai Yasuda (Kanjani Eight), who plays the main role. Internship “Senko Banashi” Interview (1/3) – Pia WEBUrépia Research Institute
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