KAT-TUN Tatsuya Ueda, KinKi Kids Koichi Domoto & Arashi/Sho Sakurai Slammed For Their “There’s Nothing To Compare” Relationship – model press

  1. KAT-TUN Tatsuya Ueda, KinKi Kids Koichi Domoto, and Arashi/Sho Sakurai are asked about how they interact with each other.model release
  2. A Word From B’z Hiroshi Inaba That Saved Kazuya Kamenashi “Me Too” From Anxiety – GIGAZINElive door
  3. Deepening KAT-TUN’s Friendship With “Buzz Rhythm” Tonight, Rainbow Trout and Chisato Murakami at Live Studionatalie music
  4. KAT-TUN Yuichi Nakamaru is reported by Hideyuki Nakayama as being latemodel release
  5. Kazuya Kamenashi reveals the maxim given by Shinya Ueda “Talking is like the highway” – GIGAZINElive door
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