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Keiichi Obata

On the 9th, which is the middle day of the three-day horse race, the GI pregame match at the Tokyo Hippodrome.daily crown(GII, turf 1800m) will take place.

This time we will be looking at data from jockeys who are interested in past data from 2000, excluding the 2002 Nakayama event.

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■ Jockey Yuichi Fukunaga

Among the jockeys participating in the Mainichi crown this year, 9 jockeys have participated in races since 2000, excluding the 2002 Nakayama race. The statistics for each jockey are as follows:

[2000年以降]Mainichi crown jockey performance (excluding Nakayama held in 2002)

The Mainichi Crown is a race where you can clearly see each jockey’s skills based on jockey data, just like last week’s Sprinters S.

First, I would like to take a look at the excellent balance between finishing and popularity, registering a 2nd match rate of 30.8% (the same value as the win rate)Yuichi FukunagaI am a jockey. 2001 Eishin Preston (5 favorites), 2010 Alizeo (6 popular), 2011 Dark Shadow (1 popular) and 2013 Eishin Flash (4 popular).

Moreover, the combination of[Yuichi Fukunaga jockey]x[4 ans et moins]is[]and the maximum ratio rises to 60%. Eishin Preston in 2001 and Alizeo in 2010 fall into this pattern, so even an ambushed horse must be alert to the head.

Curiously, this year’s Mainichi Crown jockey Yuichi Fukunaga took the reins, who was the 5th most popular the day before.Justin Cafe(Man 4, Ritto/Shogo Yasuda stable). It might be a good idea to take the plunge and try a betting slip with the same horse attached to your head.

■ Jockey Masamasa Kawada is a hole maker

Then in this graduated price it works like a hole makerMasamasa KawadaLet’s take a look at the stats of the runner. The jockey has many opportunities to ride popular horses in graded prizes, but Admire Fuji in 2008 (10 3rd favorites), Clarent in 2013 (5 3rd favorites), Satono Aladdin in 2017 (5 2nd favorites), and in 2018 , Kiseki (6 popular 3rd place) and Ambush Horse were led in the range of betting tickets. Although he does not have 1 place, he has 157 multiple wins, so he is a jockey who can earn money even if he buys several wins.

Masamasa Kawada is Eve’s second most popular jockey with the crown every dayReypapare(female 5, Ritto Tomokazu Takano stable). He’s not an ambush horse, but I think it’s okay to treat him like an axis because he can be expected to end up more than his popularity.

■ Jockey C. Lemaire depends on popularity

Finally, it shows a staggering figure of 66.7%.C.LemaireLet’s take a look at the jumper. The jockey led Sarios in 2020 (1 popular) and Schnellmeister in 2021 (1 popular) to victory and is currently on a winning streak.

Also,[C. Lemaire jockey]x[Top 3 favori]is[]reaching 80%. It’s really reliable when riding a popular horse. Also, the same jockey must ride the day before the 8th most popularKingston boy(Man 4, Miho Yuichi Kado Stable). It may be difficult if the popularity continues as it is, but if it is recommended in the 3rd most popular of the day, it is worth maintaining.

It’s all about jockey data that interests me every day.As a data driven jockeyJustin Cafecombine withYuichi Fukunagajockey,Reypapareform a combination withMasamasa KawadaTwo riders are recommended.

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