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Rakuten has 13 hits and 8 runs, and the batting line explodes, the second close in Japan for the first time in two years

On October 8, the 2022 Japan Professional Farm Baseball Championship was held at Hinata Sun Marine Stadium in Miyazaki. It was Rakuten and Hanshin who contested the decisive battle at the top for the best farm in Japan. Rakuten have topped the Eastern League since the start of the spring, winning nine games in a row at the start of the season. He won the championship for the first time in two years. On the other hand, Hanshin had a series of injured players in April, and in August, games were canceled one after another due to the massive infection of players with the novel coronavirus.

The game has moved from the start. In the first inning, Hanshin lead hitter Shun Takayama hit a straight ball through the middle of two balls and jumped into the middle row of the right wing seat on a preemptive solo. On this day, the first army fights the first stage CS / game DeNA (Yokohama). Of course, the players who were dropped from the bench members are frustrated, but their morale is high for the second straight year of being Japan’s top firm. Takayama’s kick energized the bench and the team got off to a good start.

Rakuten’s starting pitcher is Yuhi Matsui, a 5th draft right-hander. He has 6 wins, 1 loss and a 1.17 ERA in the Eastern League this season. It is a young stock who made his first throws in the first army during the Seibu match (Rakuten Seimei Park) on July 8. In the first inning, Takayama was lead off, and he was a pinch away from second and third without outs.

In the first inning, Rakuten’s batting line had a good opportunity with one out and second base, and Shiyo Kurokawa’s second base runner, Atsutaka Muto, jumped due to a misjudgment and made a double play. In the second inning, Toshitake Yokoo hit a three-run double play with one out at first base, and Takuma Kirishiki, the draft left third arm who served as a starter for the Hanshin Tigers, couldn’t be defeated, but at the start of the third inning, the batter turned the tide with a ferocious attack.

Even though Yoshiaki Watanabe was driven with two hits from the bases loaded with an out, he was able to reverse the return with a 2-run hit that sent the slider over the outside corner to the left front with deft control of the bat. Additionally, Kurokawa also took a timely one-ball and two-strike change that hit the ground to the right front, and Ren Wada dragged Kirishiki off the mound with a sacrificial fly to the right.

Push further into the top of round 5. With two outs at second base, Yuya Kogo ran through Ogawa’s fastball from a full count and 2 runs at the right field seat, and from the second out at second base, Yuma Yasuda caught the third-place slider , Masaki Oikawa, and fended off the take. of second baseman, Sei Endo at the right time. Scored the 8th run with a hit.

After round 6, Hanshin has a relief team. Irregular side left arm Masaki Iwata struck out three straight, and in the top of the seventh inning, right side Hideki Okadome pinched on first and second bases, but did not allow of scoring. At the start of the 8th round, Kosuke Baba gives up all three. In the top of the 9th inning, Daichi Moriki kept no run with a fastball with a top speed of 152 km. However, the batting line lacked connection. The only score after the 2nd round is the solo on the right that Maekawa released at the end of the 6th round. Katsuo Hirata, the manager of the 2nd Army, made a sour expression on the bench.

After the second set, Matsui Tomo recovered with a powerful fastball. The change was also low-collected and didn’t allow repeat hits, and he threw 6 hits and 2 runs in 6 innings. Play a leading role. In the bottom of the 7th inning, Hayato Yuge and in the bottom of the 8th inning, Ryu Uchiboshi pitched without a pointer, and in the bottom of the 9th, Moe Takada went to the mound. Although he hit leader Kinami with a pitch, the game was settled by hitting Hiroshi Toyoda in the middle, pinch hitter Yuto Nakagawa on third down, and Endo on the left. Rakuten won 8-2 and won the first farm in Japan for the second time in two years.

Hajime Miki, Rakuten’s manager, said, “Honestly, I’m happy. (Matsui Yu) might have been a little nervous, but I think he was able to get some valuable experience. (As for the punch line), I’m happy. that I came here with the theme of connection. Everything is a waypoint and there is no goal, but what everyone is aiming for is the first team. I want to keep working towards that goal.”

The Most Valuable Player award goes to Rakuten’s Yoshi Watanabe, who scored a hard-hitting award, including a timely two-run hit. “Everyone connected me, so I hit him with the feeling that I kind of wanted to give it back. The great players were Rakuten’s Yu Matsui, who pitched well in the 6th inning, allowing 2 runs, and Takayama of Hanshin, who hit the first batting arc.

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