Nagie Lane’s Ever-increasing ‘Timing Accuracy’ Shown At First Hosted Event Watch ‘TCC’ Stage 3 (Real Sound) – Yahoo! News

[Image]Photo live “TCC” with Kaoru Kurosawa (12 photos in total)“TCC” is held at the MUSIC EXCHANGE duo with guests every month for four months starting in July. The third episode took place on September 30 with Anly and Kaoru Kurosawa (Gospellers), and three groups of artists colored the night in Shibuya. Singer-songwriter Anly was the top hitter. A style in which a loop pedal is used for a single guitar, and the song factors are recorded while singing in front of one’s eyes. He captivates audiences with his relaxed voice that makes the most of the mid-bass and his diverse skills. In front of you, cutting guitar, rhythm tapping on the body, chorus, etc. The audience seemed unable to take their eyes off her, even for a moment. As an MC, I did a lot of live performances in various places, but I started by saying, “I think the person who chose ‘TCC’ is the coolest. Today, I dedicate this song to all of you who are cool.” to the latest single “KAKKOII”. The venue responded with applause to the beautiful and solid melody that repeatedly called “cool”. A total of 7 songs, including a ballad which was sung on guitar, and several songs from “QUARTER” released on October 12, were performed and the room was excited Kaoru Kurosawa, one of Japan’s leading singers and the key man who inspired Nagie Lane to come out to the world , came in second. After a refreshing ballad like the early autumn wind, dance track “Honey” focused on electric boogie. Kurosawa has just released his first solo work in seven years, “All U Need Is Luv”, on August 22. At this solo concert, it was a group organization, my is that day, the vocal approach was clearly different due to the organization of the DJ and the keyboard. When I was in a band, I listened to it with a rhythm-first approach, but that day I was expressing the fluctuation of the groove with my own voice. Terrific skill and sense. Alongside the event by city pop band Nagie Lane, he performed the cover of Sugar Babe’s “DOWN TOWN”, saying, “I’m going to play a famous song from the city pop…a ​​song which could be called a classic.” In addition to the 3 songs of “All U Need Is Luv”, she sang a total of 8 songs and connected them with the organizer Nagie Lane. The conversion is completed and the place becomes dark. A cool SE reminiscent of a techno remix, with only the elements and vocals sampled from part of the song. When the vocals for “1,2,3” were heard, the six members of Nagie Lane appeared on stage singing “Whatcha gonna do”. The audience responds with thunderous applause. Mikako, who plays the lead role, moves from left to right on stage, sometimes bouncing as if squatting, and sings in a soulful voice. Applause erupted as Euro ended the song with a low-pitched line. For “Smile Again,” Rei shouted “Let’s enjoy!” and took the lead. Rei went all the way to the front of the stage and waved her hand as she looked at the faces of the audience. The five people in the back swing freely while singing to the beat. It’s as if they embody the groove of the six members. In the chorus, the clap that matches the song gets even louder. During the first MC, Keiji asked, “Are you excited?” When mikako explained the concept of “TCC” to create a chemical reaction with various genders and people, mayu took the mic and said, “What time is it now? Around 8:30? There’s no other choose to go back in time!” In the words, “It’s 7 o’clock at night in Tokyo.” With mayu in the middle, the formation is 3 women up front and 3 men in the back.

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