The 8th single “Who’s the Flower?” by STU48 broke the record for its own single, and the total number of shipments exceeded 440,000, which is the highest ever! The cover of the extra edition of the theater set has been lifted!

STU48But11moon2“Who is the flower?” The board of the theater should be released the same dayAdditional editionThe number of shipments has been confirmed, and it was published just before the corona disaster I had4thCumulative number of single sends40more than 10,000 copies,STU48Record number of cumulative shipments44It became clear that it would exceed 10,000 copies.

This jacket was recently shot, and Kiyoaki Sasahara was in charge of the camera and Atsuhito Nakano was in charge of the design, just like the first version of “Who is the flower?”Chiho Ishida, Yumiko Takino and Mai Nakamura of the Triangle Center form flowers with their hands,3enlighten a person……calledSTU48It has become a job with a particularly high message among jackets.

Theater plateAdditional editionforSTU48A song written for the new original performance “Who is the flower?”AsBe Careful” and “And Realize Humans Are Helpless” are the first pairingCDwas done Also, online one-on-one chat meeting, you can meet and talk directly! An additional “one-on-one Christmas chat” was also decided upon.

STU48 8The second single “Hana wa Dare no Mono?”4moon13Six months have passed since today’s release, and the momentum has been building more and more!USEand long-standing successes in3The dance lyric video released as a bullet300Surpassing 10,000 views, the first “MUSIC STATION”, and appeared in many music and song programs.

■Product Information

11moon2day of sale

“Whose flowers are they?” Theater CommitteeAdditional edition

NMAX-1404 1150(tax included)

Recorded content

M1.who owns the flowers?

M2.Watch out for “likes” in summer

M3.And humans feel helpless

M4.who owns the flowers? except voice version.

M5.Watch out for “likes” in summer except voice version.

M6.And humans feel helpless except voice version.

■ Information about events and concerts

10/8(floor)Rakuten GirlsAward 2022 AUTUMN/WINTERMakuhari Mass911hole

With :STU48SetouchiPRObligateSeason 2Chiho Ishida, Yuka Oki, Serika Ozaki, Sayaka Takao, Mai Nakamura, Akari Fukuda, Rinko Yoshizaki

9/10(Day)STU48 SetouchiPRObligate Season 2× Sanrio Puroland Live Special

With :STU48SetouchiPRObligateSeason 2Chiho Ishida, Yuka Oki, Serika Ozaki, Sayaka Takao, Mai Nakamura, Akari Fukuda, Rinko Yoshizaki

10/10(Month・Celebration)STU48 SetouchiPRObligate Season 2National Visit to Yokohama City Education Center (Kanagawa Prefecture)

With :STU48SetouchiPRObligateSeason 2 Chiho Ishida, Yuka Oki, Serika Ozaki, Sayaka Takao, Mai Nakamura, Akari Fukuda, Rinko Yoshizaki

STU48officialYoutubeNow open to the public

“Who owns the flower?” dance lyric video

“Whose flower are you?” Dramatic music video

“Whose flowers are they?” Video clip

■ Unique information

8thSingle “Who is the flower?” Now on sale!
the price: A-TypeType B1,750Circle( tax included)Theater plate:1,150Circle(tax included)

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