Professional Baseball Central League CS Round 1 Hanshin Wins DeNA | NHK

Hanshin defeated DeNA 2-0 in the first leg of the first leg of professional baseball’s culminating series, the Central League, and advanced to the finals.

The first leg of the Central League Climax Series kicked off on the 8th at Yokohama Stadium, and Hanshin, who placed 3rd in the regular season, played against DeNA, who placed 2nd.

Hanshin took the lead with a two-run hit, the third hit of the day, by No. 3 Koji Chikamoto, with the bases charged for a fifth-inning out 0-0.

In terms of pitching, starting pitcher Teruhiro Aoyagi, who won the title in three categories this season, most wins, highest winning percentage and best ERA, made good use of corners and let him hitting, throwing against the DeNA. six-inning batting line He threw 85 pitches and showed good pitching with 4 hits and no runs.

After the 7th inning, 4 relief pitchers kept a clean sheet and Hanshin won the first game 2-0.

Hanshin will try to advance to the finals, and if they win the second game on the 9th, they will advance to the finals.

On the other hand, DeNA has left-handed pitcher Aoyagi, who is Hanshin’s starting pitcher, was hit left with 20%, 4 mins and 1 min left hitter this season, and 10%, 6 mins and 3 mins. for the right hitter I took steps like lining up people, but couldn’t break it down.

DeNA/Ohnuki vs. Hanshin/Ito Round 2 Preview

Climax series, first stage 2nd match record starter. In the Central League, DeNA has pitcher Shinichi Onuki and Hanshin has pitcher Masashi Ito.

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