[Rugby]Japan national team loses to Australia A by one point, allowing reversal with a try and a goal just before the end-Rugby : Nikkan Sports

In the first half, NO8 Leach Michael (centre) (pictured by Mitsuru Maeda) attacks the enemy while receiving the opponent's transfer

In the first half, NO8 Leach Michael (centre) (pictured by Mitsuru Maeda) attacks the enemy while receiving the opponent’s transfer

◇8th ◇Fukuoka・Best Denki Stadium

‘JAPAN XV’, which consisted of candidates for the Japanese national team, suffered three straight defeats against Australia A.

The second-ranked national team opponent, who had lost all five games, lost by one point and was one step away from coming from behind. Including the test match with the regular representative, the losing streak against Australia is “12”.

From the start of the first half, the opponents continued to attack and widened right and left. After back-to-back attacks, the backs opened up the right about 20 yards in front of goal. At 55 seconds, Osato WTB first starter Kotaro Matsushima (29 = Tokyo SG) made a great run and shook off the opposing tackle to take the lead in the right corner. He continued to attack with momentum and pushed back with a PG in the 10th minute.

After that, 3 points were returned to the PG, and I was hit by a counterattack from an opponent superior to my physique. However, he nipped the attack in the bud, like making a series of passing errors with heavy pressure early on.

However, in the 30th minute, a clever play disguised as a pass broke through the defense and gave the equalizer. Won with a goal kick.

The second half was greeted 8-10 down. A pass was connected early from the opposition line and allowed two consecutive tries.

Still, I won’t give up. In the 21st minute after catching up 11-15, NO8 Leach Michael (34 = BL Tokyo) broke away from attack and defense in front of goal and scored a try from behind. I pushed away the goal and the PG that followed.

But just before the end. A scrum try was decided from the lineout and it was considered a one point difference, and a goal kick was decided on the last play.

In the first game of the 1st, they allowed a comeback with 20 minutes remaining, and Joseph HC said, “I want to be more consistent”, and the results of solving the problem did not come out.

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