Sapporo specialty “Tokibi Wagon” appears at the product show? → Not related to the main family Correction of the notation for having reported “disguise”… Apologies from the sponsor: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

In response to the indication that there was a store opening notice that reminded me of the “Odori Park Tokibi Wagon” specialty food stall in Sapporo, which did not participate in the product exhibition of “Hokkaido Marugoto Fair in Sunshine City 2022”, the notation on the official website of the product exhibition has been corrected. I discovered it. On October 7, 2022, the organizer apologized for the interview saying, “I deeply regret it.”

One of the food and drink stalls in the product exhibition, “Sapporo Corn Wagon”, was considered a problem. On the 6th, Odori Park and Millet Wagon denounced on Twitter that the mention of the review was misleading, even if it had nothing to do with the store. The organizer said: “There is no intention to dress up or impersonate.”

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    Image of “Sapporo Tokibi Wagon” (from the press release)

  • Annotated presentation of the store

    Annotated introduction to the “Sapporo Tokibi Wagon” store (from the guide map on the official website)

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  • Annotated presentation of the store

” I do not know. Where is it ?

The show will be held from October 7 to 11 at the “Sunshine City” business facility in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

The turmoil was sparked by a tweet on the morning of the 6th by Odori Park and Millet Wagon. This stall has long been appreciated for its “grilled corn” and “boiled corn”. Regarding the Sapporo corn wagon at the commodity exhibition, he warned, “It has nothing to do with it.”

In addition, in the attached picture, the store location is taken from the guide map on the product show official website. A photo of Odori Park is displayed with product introductions such as “grilled corn” and “steamed corn”, and the slogan is “Namara is delicious! Sapporo’s specialty is here!” Compared to 300 yen a bottle at the original store, this “yaki” is 450 yen.

In the post, he wrote, “I don’t know Sapporo’s specialty, Sapporo Tokibi Wagon, but where is it?”

“We think it’s no exaggeration to say that the display which appears to be a store in Odori Park and the millet cart is a disguise. I have contacted you for a correction.”

After that, around the evening of the same day, it was reported that the official site had been fixed. In the map of the guidebook, there is a note that says: “* This stall has absolutely nothing to do with the Odori Park Millet Wagon”, and there is no phrase of “Sapporo specialties”.

In the series of messages, there were voices on Twitter such as “I almost got it wrong” and “Even people in Hokkaido misunderstand…” If you say corn wagon, you are at Odori Park. If that’s it, you’ll think you’re in Odori Park, but you’re in Tokyo.”

Regarding the facts, J-CAST News requested an interview with the organizer via Sunshine City Public Relations. The Federation of Hokkaido Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which heads the executive committee, responded on the 7th, acknowledging the fact that the notation on the official website, such as the guide map, had been changed in response to requests. from Odori Park and Millet Wagon. paddy field.

“As an organizer, I deeply regret using an expression that reminded me of Odori Park and the millet wagon.”

The reasons why Odori Park and the Millet Wagon were requested were explained as follows.

As a countermeasure on the site, we will change the sign notation of the store name to “Hokkaido Corn” and post a notice at the entrance and storefront that it is not related to the wagon Odori Park Corncob.

and rationale. “However, we regret using expressions that reminded us of the ‘Odori Park Tokibi Wagon’. I apologize.”

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