Shohei Ohtani Highly Appreciated by MLB Official, ‘Making more history’ Not only MVP but also CY award contender | Full Count

Starting in the last game of the season and reaching the prescribed pitch count, “W reach” is the first achievement in history

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani started the last game of the season against the Athletics on the 5th (Japan time 6th) and reached the regular pitching inning. Achieves the first “double regulation scope” in history. The MLB official reported, “It took until the last game of the regular season, but Shohei Ohtani made history.”

It’s the first time since 1903, when the World Series began, that throwing and hitting have reached regulation. As a pitcher, he leads the team in innings and starts, and as a hitter, he leads the team in games played and at-bats. .

His teammates are amazed by his achievement. “He’s just a special player and a human being,” Nevin said. Trout, who hit 40 homers, said, “He’s amazing.” I’m really lucky to have this because I don’t think I’ll ever see anything. like this again.”

Ohtani, who was the AL’s unanimous MVP last year, is considered an MVP contender again this season, along with the Yankees’ Aaron Judge, who has broken an AL record 62 homers. He was also named among the nominees for the AL Cy Young Award alongside Astros goaltender Justin Verlander, White Sox goaltender Dylan Sees and Blue Jays goaltender Alek Manoa. Ohtani has the most strikeouts in nine innings of any starting pitcher in the American League.

Ohtani has already agreed to a one-year, $30 million contract with the Angels. He will become a free agent after the 2023 season. “The Angels could also be subject to an ownership change, which could complicate the future of Ohtani and the franchise,” MLB officials said, suggesting that his agent Nez Valero and the Angels are on good terms.”

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