Unexpected play throws the ball into the stadium and throws a ball straight into the runner’s back…a “completely” miracle | Full Count

Imamiya’s throw hits 1st baseman Kure and is caught by 1st baseman Akira Nakamura.

■ Softbank – Seibu (CS First, 8th, PayPay Dome)

A rare play occurred during the match between Softbank and Seibu in the first leg of the “Persol Climax Series PA” held at the PayPay Dome on the 8th. A pitched ball hit a runner’s back and the ball crashed into the defender’s glove, causing an uproar in the hall.

It was three attacks from Seibu. The ball hit by Suzuki with 1 dead and 1st base became a fly ball deep in left middle. Yanagimachi runs back and grabs her. First base runner Kure jumps up and Yanagimachi throws the ball to Imamiya on the throw. Imamiya received that and kicked the ball to first base.

This throw brings Kure back to first base. When he bounced to the box, he was caught by Akira Nakamura at first base. Although the referee’s judgment is sound, following a proofreading at the request of Softbank Hiroshi Fujimoto, the judgment was overturned and voided.

[Séquences réelles]A ball throw hits the back of the runner… Miraculously “completely” The stadium is boiling with a rare game

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