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On the 8th, J2 Sendai will face Niigata in Section 40 of the Championship Game at Denka Big Swan Stadium in Niigata City. Starts at 2 p.m. I want to win and show my will, and wait for Niigata’s J1 promotion decision. On the 5th, they practiced at Izumi Soccer Field in Sendai City, and on the 6th and 7th, they adjusted privately.

Sendai ranked 6th with 59 points, 17 wins, 8 draws and 14 losses. The previous section was beaten by Tokyo V 0-2, making it a two-game losing streak. They were unable to score in the second half as they came close to seizing the initiative, allowing the opener under the flood of set pieces and crumbling.

Niigata ranks first with 23 wins, 9 draws and 7 losses with 78 points. The previous section drew with Yamagata 1-1. Yamagata’s high press gave him the advantage, but he caught it in the closing stages.

Sendai’s overall record in the league is 15 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses. In the first round, they played the home opener in Sendai and drew 0-0. Manager Ito said: ‘How much pressure can we take away from the opponent?

Nakajima (back) throws a very accurate cross even with his left foot

Key to Niigata’s strategy for FW Nakajima is ‘intermediate and set plays’

FW Nakajima shakes off the noise and aims for the goal. The team was ranked 6th, just short of qualifying for the playoffs. While the team suffers from a lack of scoring ability, I want to show the difference with individual power.

Currently, “there are few ideas to use outside enemy territory. There is an atmosphere where the whole team cannot score points.” The number of times you enter the area next to the opponent’s goal will decrease and you will not be able to create good chances. Has the number of people in the center increased and has the consciousness faded? Niigata has a high degree of perfection in attack and defense, and his possession of the ball is also very precise. It won’t be easy for Sendai to increase their attacking time.

Nakajima says the key to his strategy is ‘mid-range shots and set pieces’. Both are his favorite piece. If we can show our strength in a scene disconnected from the flow of the game, we can reverse the difference in team power. In the last two games, he has changed his wing position to inside half, and he seems to feel the ease of playing. With the results, you may be able to ride the wave.

With 3 games to play, the team is 4 points behind 5th place Oita, 7th place Yamagata is 2 points and 8th place Tokushima is 3 points. Even in the unfavorable conditions of fighting against the leader who put the brakes on J1 promotion, I want to score points with my ultra-precise right foot.
(Natsuki Sato)

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