Intellasia East Asia News – 700 passengers walk along tracks after Tokyo trains suspended by power outage

About 700 passengers on Tokyu Railways Co.’s Den-en-toshi Line had to get off a train and walk along the tracks to the nearest station due to a power outage caused by a power problem. substation on the evening of October 20.

Around 5:55 p.m., an equipment failure at a substation at Sangen-jaya Station on the Den-en-toshi Line caused a power outage, temporarily suspending services between Shibuya Station in Tokyo and Saginuma Station. in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Power outages also occurred on Tokyu’s Oimachi Line and between Shibuya and Kiyosumi-shirakawa stations on Tokyo Metro’s Hanzomon Line, which connects directly to the Den-en-toshi Line, affecting a total of approximately 180,000 passengers.

According to Tokyu Railways, after the blackout, about 700 passengers got off the train and walked along the tracks to the nearest station.

The Den-en-toshi line resumed full service about three and a half hours later, but long lines of office workers and others formed as they made their way home. A 47-year-old office worker, a resident of Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, walked home from Futako-tamagawa Station. She only walked one stop, but the sidewalks of the bridge over the Tama River were so congested that “it took me about 30 minutes to cross the bridge, when I could usually do it in five minutes”, she said.

She added: “Everyone looked like they had no choice. The roadway was also overflowing with people. It reminded me of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

A 26-year-old office worker from Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, said he walked from Futako-tamagawa Station to Saginuma Station, seven stops away, in one hour and 40 minutes. .

“I changed my mind and walked around thinking it would be good exercise. I encountered an argument between two middle-aged men who passed each other,” he recalled.

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