Taiwan to Expand Energy Inventory for Emergency | Natural gas | Coal | Emergency in Taiwan


Updated: 2022/10/24

TAIPEI, May 24 (Reuters) – Taiwan’s Vice Minister for Economic Affairs Tseng Wensheng said China was increasing its energy stocks to prepare for emergencies amid growing military pressure on Taiwan.

said in an interview with Reuters.

As part of President Tsai Ing-wen’s efforts to build Taiwan’s resilienceNatural gasWhencoalIt is said that the inventory of will be increased. Taiwan depends on imports for 98% of its energy.

It said it plans to increase natural gas inventories from the current 11 days to more than 20 days by 2030 by building new storage facilities in Taiwan.

Coal stocks will also increase over the next few years. Crude oil inventories will continue to be held at 100 days or more.

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