The December issue of “Monthly The Television” features Johnny’s Live and a new drama! Robert Akiyama “Creator’s File” Microorganisms that can only be seen under a microscope appear in the series! ? | KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. press release

metropolitan versionmetropolitan version

★ Cover and opening engraving is Sho Hirano

● The cover is Sho Hirano, starring in the much talked about drama “Kurosagi”.
The fearless expression of a hero standing with the moon behind him was a big hit even before its release. Don’t miss the 6 pages of beautiful “Kuro and Aka” themed engraving!

★ The special feature is Johnny’s autumn live report
●Starting with Snowman on page 8, Hey! Say ! JUMP, ABC-Z, King & Prince and Ae! Relive the excitement and excitement!

★ Interview with Johnny’s who appears in the October drama
-Ryosuke Yamada -Ryusei Fujii -Jesse & Ennosuke Ichikawa -Taiga Kyomoto & Sakura Fujiwara & Taiko Sasaki -Shunsuke Motoi

★ SP engraving
●Yuta Jinguji appears from King & Prince and releases new single
●Trying to be a voice actor in the anime movie “Suzume no Tojiri”!Harana no Hana and Matsumura Hokuto
● Scene “Chibi Maruko-chan” Shohei Hashimoto & GAKU

★ Message from the main actor of the drama
-Yutaka Mizutani & Yasufumi Terawaki -Kento Yamazaki & Kohei Matsushita -Ryo Yoshizawa -Kaya Kiyohara & Fuka Koshiba & Koji Seto -Taiga Nakano

★ Special series
●Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s “Carefree Love You” serialization is a special edition.
We will closely follow the rehearsal and press conference of Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Shingo Katori’s duet piece “burst! ~Dangerous Futari~”.

★ Popular serialization
– Tsuyoshi Kusanagi – Kanna Hashimoto – Ryusei Yokohama – Masanari Wada – “Creator File” by Robert Akiyama – Kentaro Maeda


  • “Creator’s File” Series by Robert Akiyama

The 34th serialization of “Creator’s File,” a project in which Ryuji Akiyama (Robert) dresses up as various creators, is released online.This time, Akiyama transforms into “a new species of microorganism discovered in Daikanyama, Tokyo in 2022”.do.

This is Yamatogonzura.  They are much smaller than major microorganisms such as Daphnia.Photograph = Erina Fujiwara / (C) Creators FileThis is Yamatogonzura. They are much smaller than major microorganisms such as Daphnia.Photograph = Erina Fujiwara / (C) Creators File

The name of the new species of microorganism is “Yamatogonzura”. It is surprising that the staple foods of the microbes (?) that live in the elegant city of Daikanyama are “creative proposals” and “invitations to fashion brand exhibitions”.

Yamatogonzura has a habit of adhering to the body of fashionable designers and their belongings, and seems to have a unique sensor that detects fashionable things. There is even talk of the possibility of using it to create a “medicine that makes the non-creative creative”.

[WEB Le site spécial du dossier des créateurs de télévision]
[Fichier du créateur HP officiel]
[Chaîne YouTube officielle de Creators File]

★ “Monthly The Television” December issue[Metropolitan area version][Kansai version][Chubu version]Released October 24
List price: 480 yen
(Paper bibliographic version)

★ Electronic version “Monthly The Television” December issue delivered October 24
List price: 480 yen
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metropolitan versionmetropolitan version

“Monthly The Television” December 2022 issue
Cover: Sho Hirano
Special price: 480 yen
Release Date/Delivery Date: October 24, 2022 (Monday)
Issued by: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.

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